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Why Small Business Insurance?

There's little worse than surprise expenses for a small business. That's why small business insurance is so important - it helps protect your hard work from disaster. We all carry automotive insurance even when we don't plan on wrecking a car, so why don't we take the same precautions for our businesses? If peace of mind isn't enough to tell you why you should at least consider small business insurance, our friends at Agency Height have compiled a compelling list of reasons why you might need it:

Legal Requirements for Small Business Insurance

Few types of insurance are legally mandated, such as workers compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance. The legal requirement depends on the state where you operate. For instance, if you’re located in Florida and employ four or more employees, you need workers compensation insurance. On the other hand, insurance is mandatory for every employer in Illinois. Texas is an exception and has no such requirement. An insurance agent can help you determine which policies you are mandated to carry.

Shift Liability with Small Business Insurance

Lawsuits and liabilities can easily fall on your plate. It takes one accident, one disgruntled employee, or a simple error to bring your business down both in time and money. The legal defense costs alone can be enormous. However, with liability insurance, you can shift the burden to your insurer while keeping your business from falling apart. You focus on running your business while your insurance handles the legal side. Your insurance may cover defense as well as settlement costs.

Win Clients with Small Business Insurance

Having insurance in place shows your readiness for times when things may go wrong. Insurance adds to your credibility by reflecting your prudential approach. High-valued clients may require you to carry errors and omissions insurance. It covers any losses due to errors, omissions, or negligence during your professional conduct.

Protection from Loss of Income

While property and casualty insurance covers property loss caused by floods, earthquakes, and so on, it does not cover the lost income resulting from halted operations. That’s why, according to the NAIC, 30 to 40 percent of small businesses have business interruption insurance, which covers loss of income sustained by businesses during such times. Reflect if your business could continue to operate without several weeks’ worth of income. If not, consider purchasing business interruption insurance.

Required for Commercial Leases

When signing a lease, your landlord may require you to carry a certificate of liability insurance. Things may go south during your business conduct, and your landlords may be the victim of your mistakes. Therefore, many landlords require you to carry general liability or property insurance before renting a commercial space.

Protection Against Business Property Damages

Your business insurance can cover you from losses arising from property damage, equipment breakdowns, and so on. The insurance will compensate your small business for repairs and replacement of the property. For instance, if the equipment is damaged due to fire, your commercial property insurance will reimburse you for the losses.

Attract and Retain Quality Employees with Small Business Insurance

Insurance is not only about keeping you safe from loss events. It acts as an incentive to attract and retain qualified employees. Nowadays, job seekers look for the salary figures and the benefits package attached to the job. Such benefits can be life, disability, health, and other kinds of insurance to protect your employees. Therefore, having insurance that offers many benefits is a crucial motivator for employees to choose your business over a competitor.

Possible Tax Benefits

Carrying insurance not only appeals to the eyes of your customers but is encouraged by the government. If you have commercial insurance that serves a business purpose, the IRS may allow your business to take it as a tax deduction. The amount of the deduction could be up to the cost of your commercial insurance.

The Future is Unpredictable

You cannot predict what happens in the future, but you can bring a certain level of certainty via insurance. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a financial cushion that could help take care of your business when uncertainty strikes? With proper insurance in place, you can keep your business up and running while concentrating on taking your business to the next level.

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This list is not exhaustive, nor should it be considered legal advice. Please speak with your insurance agent for a full review of what coverages you may have or need. To view the original article, please click here.


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