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Spring Home Preparation

Warmer temperatures, colorful spring flowers, and longer days are just around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the uptick in unpredictable and often severe spring thunderstorms.

While spring cleaning may be at the top of your list, preparing your home for severe weather is more important than ever. In 2022, there were 18 severe weather events in the U.S., with losses exceeding $1 billion each. Of the 18 events, 11 were severe storms. We don’t want you to experience a storm-related loss, so we've found a few ways to protect your home and property:

  1. Trim any dead or overhanging branches from trees near your home to prevent them from falling and causing roof or siding damage during a storm.

  2. Ensure your roof and gutters are in good condition and free of debris to prevent water from seeping into your home. Check that all eaves, fascia, and soffits are securely attached and rot-free.

  3. Check your home's foundation for cracks or signs of water damage and repair them if necessary.

  4. Secure all loose items around your home, like patio furniture and grills, that could be blown away during a severe storm.

  5. Keep an emergency kit on hand, including a flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, and a generator in case of power outages.

  6. Review your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for severe weather damage.

If you have any questions about your coverage or need to review your policy, please don't hesitate to contact us. We’re here to offer guidance and help in every season. Want to check out where we are so far on storms in 2023? Click here to see year-to-date info!


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