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Operation Safe Driver Week 2023

CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week is coming up on July 9-15. Throughout the week, officers will be watching out for risk behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, failure to wear a seat belt, and more. Last year, enforcement officers stopped more than 35,000 drivers throughout North America and issued 26,164 warnings and citations for unsafe driving behaviors. Data shows that speeding contributes to an average of 30 deaths per day. Distracted driving leads to an average of 3,000 deaths and 324,000 injuries per year. Impaired driving contributes to an average of 32 deaths per day, or one death every 45 minutes. 51% of drivers and passengers killed in traffic accidents were not wearing a seat belt. Much of this is preventable. Make sure to be safe on the road with these frequent reminders:

  • Watch your speed

  • Put away all distractions, especially phones

  • Wear your seat belt every time you're on the road

  • Avoid substances that can impair driving abilities

  • Pay attention to all traffic laws, such as proper lane change, following distance, etc.

Each year, Operation Safe Driver Week focuses on a specific unsafe driving behavior to call attention to the dangers of that behavior. This year, the focus will be on speeding. CVSA has continued to focus on speeding because it remains a persistent problem on our roadways. Speeding increases the frequency and severity of crashes, and unsafe speeds are a well-documented factor in fatalities and injuries.

Want to learn more about Operation Safe Driver Week? Check out the CVSA's website here for a full article on the week-long initiative to keep our roadways safer.


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