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Jewelry and Other Valuables Insurance

This season, think about protecting your gifts with Valuable Items insurance. If you or one of your family members received expensive jewelry, laptops, a set of golf clubs, or other valuable items, you may need an extra layer of protection.

We often think that our home's contents are covered by our homeowners or renters insurance policies - and to an extent, they may be. What many forget is that most policies have an exclusion for more expensive pieces of property such as fine jewelry, expensive furs, unique artworks, et cetera. So what do we do to protect our most valuable possessions?

A Personal Articles Policy or Valuable Items Policy can go a long way in protecting these items. You should start with making a list of your items, their appraisals, descriptions, et cetera and presenting them to your insurance agent. This list is important to have in the event of a claim as it shows exactly what you have and its appraisal value.

A policy like this may cover loss, damage, theft, or disappearance depending upon the coverages you select. Plus, it usually travels with you wherever you may go. At an average cost of 1-2% of your piece’s value, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides.

If you want to avoid the awful feeling that comes when you realize you’ve lost a valuable, give us a call. We’d love to provide you with a complimentary quote.


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